workbook/  International Ideas Competition 10/25/2004




The universal intention of the Centre is that of posing as a fitting monument to Frederico Garcia Lorca by creating that spatial, material, and environmental condition which triggers in a user that transcendental moment of engagement, that moment of perceptual insight, Architecture, within which the user sees beyond the functional program and begins to comprehend poetically.  

The ancients have created several powerful allegories representing the poetic life-struggle.    Most fitting to Garcia Lorca are those of Theseus and the Dance with the Minotaur, and, that of the story of Isis’s lament over the death of Osiris.  They form much of the somber thematic nuances of Garcia Lorca’s literary works.

The former allegory of course is truly a manifestation of his very life actions during the periods of oppression and suppression endured by Spain.  The contemporary manifestation of that allegory is the Corrida de Toros.  Still today, it is a ritual most representative of the Spanish elegance of character in its method of addressing all that is good and all that is evil with purpose and love, action and passion, beauty and brutality, and, finality.  

The other allegory is relevant if glimpsing into the soft soul of the poet and in his case his panorama of love’s manifestations and one’s success or failure of attaining them (thus his rhapsodies of bliss, his laments over violent death and his shadowy hopes for an afterlife that all borrow images and themes from that ancient archetypal vein).

We have chosen forms and created a composition that unfolds qualities of space, movements, atmospheres and material profiles that continually allude to the interplay of these two great allegories. The Corrida de Toros and Isis’s lament for, and the raising of Osiris are themes that oscillate within the Center.  They appear to the Alhambra and the Cathedral in that privileged space above the rooftops, to the delight of the Sierra Nevada.  

The symbolic formal gestures of the exterior building and the new elements proposed for Plaza Romanilla, also, are there continually, perhaps mostly subconsciously,  massaging the general public with the Poetic message.

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Architect's Workshop:  Ovidio Sbrissa, Dinko Sakanovic, Jordan Ellis, Frank C. Carter