workbook/  Carling @ Boyce, Britania,Ottawa 01/18/2003

Preliminary Massing for Carling @ Boyce,  Britania, Ottawa, 
for Hing Wong.

4000 sq.ft., 2 storey commercial mixed use building, hugging Carling and turning the corner onto Boyce
Explorations into forming this building lean towards that undercurrent existing in Canada today which, mindful of our artistic pasts, can be called "architecture of paucity".  Posturing with this "poor-art", architecturing manifests representation through a less liking of, and absenting from, the dogmatic voices of the real, the press, and history. 

Without brandishing a manifesto or forced "intellectual" embroidery, architecturing thoughtfully manipulates and invest geometries with the functionality, economy and flexibility of prefabricated, new and composite materials while aware that a renewed confrontation with forming must bind it to a convulsing practical and theoretical rethinking, if it is to penetrate the essential nihilism of Ottawa's recent and current building history's encagement to "contradiction", "neo-eclecticism", "participation", and "allotropy". 

Even if rather minuscule, this intervention, in mute respect to the big national "stars", tries to discretely unfold an interesting discourse on experimentation with materials and construction methods, with the ego-figure in its social entanglements (space-making), and with the "art of building, an art of compromise which unites the beautiful with the practical, the ideal with the possible, the ephemeral with the concrete"1.


1.   Rybczynski, Witold, "The Most Beautiful House in the World", Viking Penguin, 1989, pg. 66

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