Corn farmer's house, Essex Ontario, September, 2000

On theme of wheat circles of England and restaurant/banquet facilities found in the middle of corn field in the Veneto, Italy,and an artist's studio for Delta Marsh, Manitoba designed in 1968, a house for a corn farmer out standing in his field revisits some concepts that germinated in early student days. 

Perpendicularly placed, doubled-up corn-crib type structures as found in the Essex county area of Ontario, form major compositional massing and material aesthetic, rural minimalism. The hypotenuse is employed as the single tectonic compositional device. Containing within the corn-cribs,tangence unfolds spatial/temporal movements as it involutes and evolutes hypotenuses about hyperbolic boundaries in "cumparsita-like" (tango-like) gestures. Resulting intersticial spaces become form placeholders displaying the symbols of residential life. Perceived space pulsates from quadrilaterally to triangularly profiled volumes.

"Anticamente era l'idea
 Di un teatro mezzo il grano
 Come una bevanda sotto il sole... "
                                             Paolo Conte

Cecilia Wilde