Sketch Geometrical Footprint (ichnography): 
A Private Den in the Shadowed Quiet of a Thick Ontario Bush, by a Small Murmuring  Stream.  For Cynthia D.,    6/12/2000
Small personal refuge for widow in commemoration of late husband. A place referencing enduring memories; fond memories of times in the Ontario bush: a place to rest one's wearied bones; image of fallen log nurturing the growth of three white mushrooms... 

Brief conversation, over lunch. Sketch on napkin using table settings as drawing instruments...olive oil on vinegared napkin, salt and peper, as mediums.

"... There lies a den,
Beyond the seeming confines of the space
Made for the soul to wander in and trace
its own existance, of remotest glooms. 
Dark regions are around it..."
                  John Keats' "Endymion"

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