Geometrical Footprint (ichnography): House for  Beatrice R.,  Iroquois, Ontario, 30/11/2000


Client's name brought to mind passages of early student-days readings of Dante Alleghieri's "La Vita Nuova", and the Poet's use of relationships between geometrical shapes as similes to unfold his argument.

Here, those similar Dantesque geometries, in layered juxtapositions referencing selective apperceptions of the Client's "persona", establish the spatial, temporal, and causal co-partitioning of the site, and, contribute to define line characteristics as well as informing volumetric development.  Simple shapes establish a complex content-- ordered geometrical  tracings  upon which a Canadian bush-garden minimalist vernacular takes form; compound-complex thematic exposition is highlighted by primary euclidian shapes (familiar kernels enveloped in spatial tensions of varying intensity (as hyperbollic fields interact with equipollent and trisectical ones, producing amplitudes of octagonal shaped spatial harmonies which protract the elucidation of space, and its invisible feminine dispositions).


Fernando Ugalde